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Our working paper series are designed to bring new ideas and new findings in the field of knowledge, organisations and development studies into the public arena. One of the objectives of this series is to allow students, practitioners and other researchers to have access to the work being done in the area earlier than the publication in scientific journals usually permits. This is also a good opportunity for the authors to gather extra feedback on the working papers being published.

This series intends to:

* Present high quality research and writing (including research in-progress) to a wide audience of academics and practitioners.
* Stimulate and inform discussion in the field or knowledge, organisation and development.
* All papers will be peer-reviewed before their electronic publication.
* Authors will retain copyright, and publication here does not preclude the subsequent development of the paper for publication elsewhere.

Contributors are encouraged to submit papers that address the interactions between people and organisational contexts and the generation and development of organizational knowledge through those interactions within and across organisations. Contributions are welcomed from academics, practitioners and research students.
Suggested format for contributions:

* 4,000-10,000 words length with a 150-200 word abstract.
* The Harvard system of referencing should be used
* Papers should be prepared as a PC compatible Microsoft Word file.
* Graphs, pictures and tables should be saved as separate files.
* Footnotes are discouraged
* Headings and sub-headings are encouraged
* 3 hard copies and one digital copy (on a PC format disk) of the paper should be sent to:

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