The Organisational Research Group at LSE

The Organisational Research Group was established in 1984 as a research focus in the Institute of Social Psychology in the domain areas of decision making and decision analysis, organisational analysis, modelling and design; management and project management and eliciting user requirements:.

This research has since been applied, generalised and set in context in many projects on innovative and creative decision-making, organisational transformation and sector and community development.

Members of the group are involved in action research, consultancy development in these areas and are also involved designing, developing and evaluating software to support practice within each of these domains of human action.

The group includes the London Multimedia Lab for Audiovisual Composition and Communication, directed by Carol Lorac and Patrick Humphreys, the Knowledge Organization and Development network (KODE), coordinated by Lucia Garcia and the Complexity Group, directed by Eve Mitleton Kelly.