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Kate Morley was awarded the SAN award Read more

Cathy Campbell visited Cape Town in March to discuss her on-going work with a range of colleagues in psychology and psychiatry. Highlights of this trip included linking up with Shose Kessi, who did her PhD with Caroline Howarth in ISP, and is now a lecturer at the University of Cape Town. Shose's work will be included in Cathy and Flora's forthcoming special edition on community health psychology. Cathy also spent valuable time with Cal Volks and members of the University of Cape Town's HIV/AIDS Unit, a unit which frames its activities around Cathy's conceptualisation of the 'HIV-competent community'

From HCD to Medical School
A growing number of HCD graduates are going on to medical school in the US Read more

Andrew Gibbs of the Health Economics and AIDS Research Division (HEARD) in South Africa presented a seminar at the ISP Read more

Underground Sociabilities: Identity, culture and resistance in marginalised communities
Professor Sandra Jovchelovitch hosts a seminar at the ISP. Underground Sociabilities:Identity, culture and resisitance in marginalised communities. Read more

Sara Belton has joined the ISP as a Researcher. Read more

Student due to advise Public Health Officials. Canadian public health specialist, Katie Benjamin, member of the Institute’s HCD Research Group, was recently invited to advise London public health officials in their on-going efforts to use health as a springboard for the wider social development of marginalised women. Read more

HCD's Skovdal graduates at the end of eventful three year doctoral period. Morten managed to finish his thesis in record time, as well as fund and run an NGO, publish six papers and excel on his post-graduate teachers training. read more

Kerry Scott Alumni has just completed an eight month internship in Pune, India. Kerry Scott from the HCD research group has just completed an eight month internship in Pune, India with a health advocacy NGO called SATHI (Support for Advocacy and Training to Health Initiatives)read more


Placing caregiving children on the international policy agenda Read more

‘Knowledge Transfer’ to user communities: HCD gets two grants for maximising impact of research on policy and practice. Read more

Towle's work on touching tiny lives in Lesotho and India Former HCD student Meg Towle has recently had two papers published on children's health. Read more


HCD alumni reconnect to support HIV positive communities in London. Read more

Dr. Lubek did a talk on: "Data may be transitory, but solidarity is forever: Lessons learned in Cambodia about data-driven health interventions and a beer-sellers" strike against Carlsberg.

Strong HCD presence at International Aids Conference. Read more

HCD Sixth mini conference. Read more

HCD Group at the XVIII International AIDS Conference in Vienna Several members of the HCD Research group had posters at the Vienna conference. Read more.

HCD and GCU host international meeting Is the 'local-global' binary a useful conceptual tool for understanding the uneven impacts of development? Read more

Catherine Campbell gives keynote talk
Catherine Campbell gives keynote talk at London Schools AIDS Conference Read more

LSE Health Society visit to Geneva HCD students recently visited a series of international health and human rights organisations in Geneva. Read more

Meeting of minds ISP staff and students gathered for the 5th Annual Health, Community & Development (HCD) Mini Conference. Read more

High level meeting on Global Mental Health to be hosted by HCD group at the ISP Professor Cathy Campbell and Doctoral student Rochelle Burgess had secured funding from the LSE Annual fund to host a high level meeting on global mental health at the LSE. Read more

Professor Catherine Campbell given a keynote address at the International Conference at Cambridge Uni. The symposium was entitled Gender and Scales of Empowerment: subjectivities, connections and belongings, and was organised by the Cambridge Centre for Gender Studies. Click here for more details.

Professor Robert Chambers has his first visit to the LSE to host an all day seminar. In February, as part of the Health Community and Development 2010 seminar series, the Institute welcomed Professor Robert Cambers to his first visit to the LSE to host an all day seminar entitled: Supporting Health and development in a globalized world: addressing the influences of Power, Professionalism and Poverty. Click here for more detail

Promoting sustainable social development workshop. The HCD research group recently facilitated a sustainable development workshop for a dynamic group of Nigerian social development professionals. Click here to read more

British Academy UK-Africa academic partnership on chronic disease. The 2nd annual workshop on chronic diseases in Africa took place at the Institute of Social Psychology. For more information. Read more

HCD at the XVIIth International AIDS Conference in Mexico in August. Five presentations by Cathy Campbell's Durban Research Team. Read more

HCD presentation at Cambridge University. HCD Co-ordinator, Professor Cathy Campbell, recently gave a talk to the University of Cambridge's African Studies Seminar entitled: "Facilitating HIV/AIDS 'Empowerment' Programmes within Traditional Authority Structures: Experiences from southern Africa." Current debates and discussions around 'HIV/AIDS Leadership' tend to focus on high-profile national and international actors and agencies. Campbell argued for the need to focus more attention on local community leaders - who play a key role in shaping the ways in which AIDS policies and interventions are implemented.

Ian Lubek talks about the value of community health initiatives. Ian Lubek recently gave a talk on the value of community health initiatives at the Institute of Social Psychology, LSE. Prof. Lubek is a highly distinguished community psychologist whose work centres around community health issues affecting women and children in Cambodia. More HCD Symposium

HCD recently facilitated and presented a symposium at the 54th British Psychological Society Social Section conference. The conference was held at the University of Kent and was titled ‘Groups, Politics and Organisations’. The symposium facilitated by HCD was titled: “Health, Community and Development: Social Psychological Explorations“ and included both theoretical and applied papers from developed and developing country contexts. The symposium titled: “Health, Community and Development: Social Psychological Explorations“  included both theoretical and applied papers from developed and developing country contexts. The presenters were all current or past research students of the Institute of Social Psychology, LSE. More

Careers Evening

Every year ISP organises a careers event where previous ISP students from a range of different careers share their professional knowledge and experience with current students. They advise students on how to approach the job market, how to focus on what they want to achieve professionally and how to use their degree as a stepping stone to the career of their dreams


Branwyn Poleykett (middle) a HCD graduate talking to current HCD students about doing a PhD at a recent careers event.


Kolade Daudu (right) a HCD graduating talking to a ISP student about his career in public health promotion


Kerry Scott and Catherine Campbell presented a paper Paper was entitled "The role of advocacy and activism for maternal health in India" Read more

Burgess on Sen and Urban Poverty Rochelle Burgess, currently doing her doctorate on AIDS and mental health has recently published in a sustainable development journal. Read more

HCD student presents a paper at the 9th Annual Researching Africa Day Workshop Lior Miller recently presented a paper at Oxford University with the title: The cultural politics of indigenism: implications for research and development practice in Samburu. Read more

Publications by current HCD students'

HCD masters student Meg Towle, who already has an MSc from the University of Liverpool alongside students' Rochelle Burgess and Jing Jing Liu have recently had two papers accepted for publication. Read more

HCD graduate documents slave labour in Amazon.

Brazilian photographer and journalist Petra Costa (HCD 2007-8) writes about the negative impacts of the ethanol boom on the deforested edges of the Amazon Jungle. Read more

Seminar sessions/visiting academics

Dr. Lubek did a talk on: "Data may be transitory, but solidarity is forever: Lessons learned in Cambodia about data-driven health interventions and a beer-sellers" strike against Carlsberg.

S314 Extra Seminar: Supporting the vulnerable homeless in high and low income settings. Seminar Leaders: Catherine Campbell and Cristian Montenegro. Overview: This seminar drew on experiences from Chile and Canada to discuss the principles of harm reduction, as well as the 'housing first' approach to policy and intervention.

HCD career series: Read more

Oral Health, primary health care, Rwandan genocideThis term, the HCD group hosted multiple visitors from outside the department as part of our seminar series. Read more

Dr Morten Skovdal and Professor Catherine Campbell paper presentation: Dr. Morten Skovdal and Prof. Catherine Campbell recently presented their paper 'Building Orphan Competent Communities: A Framework for Community Analysis and Action' to the Research Centre for Health Promotion at the University of Bergen. Read more

Professor Ian Lubek from University of Guelph, Canada, Returns to the ISPto discuss the perils of Fairtrade for beer sellers in Cambodia As part of the Health Community and Development Research Group seminar series, the ISP was proud to welcome back Professor Ian Lubek from the University of Guelph (Ontario, Canada) to the LSE. A long time associate of the HCD group, he returned this year to deliver a talk entitled: HOW FAIR TRADE CAN BE DANGEROUS to ISP students and colleagues from University college London, Destin and Gender Institute at the LSE. Click here for more details


Kate Morley, an MSc student in HCD, was recently awarded the Sociologists' AIDS Network (SAN) Scholarly Activity Award. The scholarship, for which any graduate student studying social science and AIDS is eligible, is awarded annually by the American Sociological Association to support the work of emerging scholars in the field.Read more

HCD student receives leading US award for upcoming HCD conference on culture, masculinity and sexual health.Read more

HCD student gets LSE Business Plan award
Eleanor Campbell gets LSE Business Plan award for socially conscious jewellery company in Kenya. Read more

ISP's Morten Skovdal gets LSE award for 'Outstanding academic performance'
The LSE has awarded Morten Skovdal the prestigious Robert McKenzie prize for 'outstanding academic performance' on his PhD thesis. Morten's PhD was titled ‘Young Carers in Western Kenya: Collective Struggles and Coping Strategies’. Read more

HCD student David Ansari recently had a paper accepted by the journal, Culture, Health & Sexuality Read more

Andi Cuddington receives Himmelweit Award for Best Student Read here

Himmelweit Prize 2007/08. Canadian student Jing Jing Liu was awarded the Himmelweit Prize for the best HCD student in 2007-8. Read more

HCD Graduation and Himmelweit Award. The formal graduation of the 2006/7 cohort of HCD students was a festive occasion. Jon Crail was awarded the Himmelweit Award for the best HCD student of the year. More

HCD class teacher awarded PGCertHE. Morten Skovdal, HCD doctoral student and co-convenor of the HCD Research Group, has just been awarded his PGCert in Higher Education - a two-year formal teaching qualification. Read more

Eri Park receives award. HCD research student Eri Park has been awarded with the Sigmund Koch Prize. Read more
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