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Global Mental Health workshop

With the support of the LSE Annual Fund,the HCD Group were proud to host the inaugural international workshop on global mental health at the LSE.

Co-chaired by Rochelle Burgess and  Prof. Catherine Campbell,  this international workshop focused on the role communities need to play alongside psychiatrists and formal health services in supporting people with poor mental health.

It featured discussions around three main themes

  • Case studies of community mental health work in specific settings
  • Service user involvement in mental health work
  • Critical perspectives on the concepts of 'global mental health' and 'human rights'

Dr. Derek Summerfield (Institute of Psychiatry, Kings College) and British mental health activist Peter Campbell were some of the world renowned academics and mental health activists who were featured at the event, presenting to workshop participants representing 23 different nationalities and a dozen academic intuitions from around the world, including Kings College, UCL and Cambridge University.

Sessions were chaired by Rochelle Burgess and Prof. Campbell of the HCD Group, and special guest academics Dr. Juliet Foster from University of Cambridge, and Dr. Ernestina Coast from LSE Health.

The day was a great success, and outputs from the meeting are currently being organised into a special issue on global mental health in international mental health journal Transcultural Psychiatry.

Below are sessions of the day:

Session one: Case studies of community involvement in mental health work in specific settings.

IngePeterson Professor Inge Petersen (Department of Psychology University of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa)
Title: Improving mental health through community participation. Community mental health initiatives in marginalized South African communities

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chris Mr. Chris Underhill (BasicNeeds)

Title: Community Development and mental health: the BasicNeeds approach. Examples from Laos, Sri Lanka, India, Ghana, Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya

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Dr. Gaithri Fernando (Associate Professor Department of Psychology  California State University, Los Angeles). 

Title: Key Issues in Conducting Mental Health Research in Traditional Communities: Examples from Sri Lanka

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