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Recognising that the report writing process can be a ‘scary’ time, Patrick described the importance of the support network for writing your report. He explained that doing the research itself is about far more than what you submit on the final paper.
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In the second segment of the day, Patrick introduced the timeline as a key element in effective planning for their research projects. The students are currently at different stages of the initial process: ‘Where to begin?’ and ‘How to proceed?
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Take A Flip

This is an individual assignment. Find a flip chart on the wall and use it to comment (in words and/or pictures) all or some of the questions below. Use any form that you choose. For example - draw, make notes, create a mind-map, creating lists – a picture may be worth a thousand words!
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Shift And Share

After students had individually worked on their posters, four volunteers simultaneously introduced their work from the take a flip exercise. This was followed by a second and third round till the majority of students had taken a turn. The students each had a chance to start articulating their projects and an early opportunity to support each other and discover common interests.
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The group were then given 5 minutes to meet as many people in the group as possible in the time and to find out as much as possible from them.The swarm enabled the group to discover more information about the topics that were of interest to the group and the methods they may employ in their research.
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All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players:
They have their exits and their entrances;
And one in one’s time plays many parts...
William Shakespeare
As You Like It Act 2 Scene 7

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Scenarios Presentation

Report outs for each group:

  • Women On Top
  • Reality Check
  • Fantasy Channel
  • Academics Anonymous (AA)
  • Pirate Ship Beaver
  • DEDS - Dreams End Dramatically Sometimes
  • Life is a never ending game
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Communities Of Interest

Paul initiated this part of the day by asking people whether they had already thought about whom amongst their colleagues they might like to work with. The students were first asked to form communities of interests based on holiday preferences, next they chose between wealth, wisdom or power.
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Communities Report Out

The team identified a number of common values around the importance of political engagement within their research, the need to research for change and the importance of focusing on engaging with others. They also felt that qualitative data could be the basis around which broader analysis support groups could be formed.
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Session Round Up

Patrick rounded up today’s session by describing some of the resources available to the students.
There is good access to the department’s spaces for meeting and a reservation is straightforward to arrange. E-mail networks are also good as forums, although Steve is on hand to give advice on the other kinds of digital networks you can initiate or participate in.
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