2012, Volume 21, Issue 2
Special Issue: Social Representations of Peace and Conflict
Guest Editors: Stephen Gibson
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Stephen Gibson
Social Representations of Peace and Conflict: Introduction to the Special Issue PDF
Giovanna Leone & Mauro Sarrica
Challenging the Myth of Italians as 'Good Fellows': Is Clarity About In-group Crimes the Best Choice When Narrating a War to Its Perpetrators' Descendants? PDF Abstract
Christopher J. Hewer
Tracing the Social Dynamics of Peace and Conflict PDF Abstract
Stephen Gibson
History in Action: The Construction of Historical Analogies in Televised Debates Concerning the Iraq War PDF Abstract
Robert D. Lowe
Temporality and Identity: The Role of Time in the Representation of Social Identities at Political Demonstrations PDF Abstract
Adriano Zamperini, Marialuisa Menegatto, Giovanni A. Travaglino & Eugene Nulman
Social Representations of Protest and Police after the Genoa G8 Summit: A Qualitative Analysis of Activist Accounts of Events PDF Abstract
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