InCaS SME Portrait Gallery

The InCaS SME Portrait Gallery contains Company Portraits of many of the 25 SMEs participating in the InCaS Project

Each Company Portrait gives a short description of the company: where it is located, what it does, produces and offers, and the major business challenges it has to face.

The Portrait tells a story about some of the experiences in the company’s
history that make it unique and interesting: the human element can say a great deal that management speak cannot capture.

The story explains what the business is about: the people involved, how the company started and, perhaps, how it dealt with a competitive challenge, or major barriers it faces. It tells why the company decided to do an Intellectual Capital Statement (ICS), and the benefits that resulted. It may highlight the issues and factors that were particularly appreciated by the team and the company when going through the ICS process. It illustrates the ways in which the ICS fulfilled the SME’s expectations.

The names of the SMEs for which Company Portraits are avialable are shown in blue in the list below. To view the portrait of a particular blue SME, please click on its name.

InCaS SMEs in France

Business and Development Learning Institute
(Business Services and IT)

(Business Services and IT)

VMI: Vendee Mechanique Industrie
(Machinery and Equipment)

Cortel - Group BGME
(Business Services)

EBS-Esperance - multimedia portrait
(Business services)

InCaS SMEs in Germany
BALance Technology Consulting GmbH
(Business Services & IT)

Helmut Beyers GmbH

JRC Capital Management Consultancy & Research GmbH
(Business Services & IT)

Malergeschäft Bethel

PASS Stanztechnik AG
(Machinery & Equipment)

InCaS SMEs in Poland

Agencja Rozwoju Regionalnego S.A. w Koninie
(Business Services & IT)

(Retail Trade)

NEXBAU mgr inż. Roman Bauta
(Machinery & Equipment)

BLOOMING Technologies
(Telecommunications and Information services)

(Professional temprary work agency)
Advertising services

InCaS SMEs in Slovenia

Glotta Nova, Center za pravo učenje in poučevanje d.o.o.
Machinery & Equipment

INO - Industrijska oprema Brežice d.o.o.
Machinery & Equipment

Machinery & Equipment

KAC d.o.o

LE-TEHNIKA Podjetje za proizvodnjo in trgovino z elektrotehničnimi izdelki, d.o.o.

InCaS SMEs in Spain

AIDO - Asociación Industrial de Optica, Color e Imagen

Formación Digital, S.L.
Business Services & IT

Machinery & Equipment

Sisteplant, S.L.

Vertisub, S.L.