InCaS Virtual Public Relations Office

The InCaS Virtual Public Relations office provides an Information Desk, where you can download information sheets and press releases about InCaS in English, French German, and Spanish Languages. You can also contact InCaS if you would like further information, have a specific question, or a proposal to make.

drapeau 25 Vous pouvez egalement visiter la section francaise du bureau virtuel des relations publiques.

The Virtual Public Relations Office contains an InCaS SME Portrait Gallery where you can view information about each of the SMEs participating in the InCaS project .

It contains reports on InCas Dissemination events, including:
InCaS working breakfast on Access to Finance for SME held at the European Parliament, 7 October 2008 , the InCaS European Multiplier Conference, held in Brussels, 13 November 2008, and you can download feedback from InCaS French trainers on dissemination

The Virtual Public Relations Office also also offers a kiosk where you can watch and explore video presentations and case studies about implementations of the ICS process and the resulting benefits in SME'. The main InCaS Case Study is about the Engineering Business Unit of Sidasa, a Spanish SME. You can also watch short videos about ICS and the ICS process in particular SME's ,produced during the German pilot ICS project, by clicking on its name below.

VR Bank (English commentary)

Blumenbecker Automatisierungstechnik Gmbh (German commentary)

SOR Rusche Gmbh (German commentary)

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