InCapedia is a "Wiki" being developed at LSE within the InCaS project. It provides an emerging interactive enclcylopaedia about everything to to with Intellectual Capital and Intellectual Capital Statements, to which everyone will be able to contribute, to access and share with others.

InCapedia provides a focused knowledge resource for Small and Medium Enterprises, when developing Intellectual Capital Statements, nurturing and managing their Intellectual Capital resources, and exploring ideas for innovative strategy and actions.

From January, 2008, developing and enriching InCapedia has become a cooperative enterprise, open to all who wish to access Incapedia and contibute elents of their expertise and experience in regard to Intelelctual Capital.

This activity can benefit all InCapedia contributors. Incapedia facilitates sharing and networking of Intellectual Capital. Intellectual Capital is founded on ideas and knowledge, rather than on money and cash. Unlike financial capital, if you share or network elements of the intellectual capital that you have available (in your mind, rater than in the bank or under the bed), you will not lose any of it. Instead you will enrich a collective resouce that you can draw upon again and again, whenever you need it.

One of the greatest problems that SMEs face, in using knowledge on Intellectual Capital effectively, is that it never seems to be accessible in the right form, in the right place at the right time. With the development of InCapedia, this problem should vanish, enabling enomously rich resouces on Intellectual capital to be moblised across the whole SME sector

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