The InCaS ICS toolbox provides comprehensive interactive support for all the stages in the InCaS European ICS Guideline, starting with a Business Model Fitness-Check that allows SMEs working with InCaS trainers to identify strengths and weaknesses related to Intellectual Capital and its floes use within the firm.


The ICS Toolbox provides an analytic tool producing a portfolio (on IC Factors) that enables you to look at how your company currently uses IC and how that contribute to your business success.

The ICS Toolbox, together with InCapedia, helps you prepare for innovation, as the results of the ICS process will inform you on the potential future pathways to value of your business. Many companies therefore launch innovation initiatives and strategic projects in order to develop new business models based on improved exploitation of IC.

The ICS Guideline's implementation procedure provides a method and techniques that enable you to use IC better and to develop your company.

From a strategic perspective, the ICS Toolkit provides valuable decision support within all stages of the ICS implementation process, enabling your management team to prioritise on activities supporting the underlying objectives of your business, as well as to map out future business activities.

The ICS toolbox is available to SMEs working with the InCaS Consortium's moderators and trainers on the ICS impelementation process in their enterprise. For more details the availabilty and use of the InCaS toolbox, please
contact the InCaS Consortium