Know-How in Europe
InCaS:Intellectual Capital Statement: Made in Europe
Unlocking the Value

Europe has a long history of science and innovation – great economies were built and succeeded by clever and industrious companies. Today Europe needs to get back to doing what it does best in a competitive global environment.

Europe needs to use its knowledge and know-how to survive and play a part in the word economy. To do that we need to understand the value and value the understanding of our ‘know–how’ also called “Intellectual Capital”.

InCaS is a business project that addresses this issue and goes towards filling the gap. InCaS is a collaboration between leading academic institutes such as LSE, Fraunhofer and UPC who have a proven track record in producing output relevant to the market and a number of SME associations in five countries working with real live SME companies. InCaS aims to develop a way of being able to understand, value and represent Intellectual Capital for the benefit of companies internally but also to outside groups such as the financial community for further and better exploitation.

InCaS is led by CEA-PME in Brussels, a dynamic business association with members in many European countries. CEA-PME sees InCaS as a catalyst for the greater awareness of the importance of know-how and its development. It has used member organisations to find 25 pilot SMEs to use the method.

There has been a lot of enthusiasm among the companies – from 3 – to 400 salaries, as they can see the potential of improving their performance. There have been a rich set of human stories that show how InCaS can be applicable to other companies more widely in the European economy.

You can see this for youself by watchin the
InCaS Case Sudy about the Engineering Business Unit of Sidasa, a Spanish SME

InCaS has the potential to improve performance, across many aspects of a company’s operations – if you translate that into European terms it could easily be billions of Euros! Watch out for more news from CEA-PME and InCaS.