InCaS European ICS Guideline

Developing an Intellectual Capital report offers great chances for small and medium sized enterprises which are the backbone of the European economy.

As the efficient and successful implementation of an IC report is not an easy task, organisations should be able to revert to professional support. The InCaS Consortium provides this support through moderator organizations within all the countries covered by InCaS, who can provide SMEs with trainers, supported by the specialised interactive tools in the
ICS toolbox to facilitate this process. If you would like further details, please contact the InCaS Consortium.

However, you can download here the InCaS
European ICS Guideline

which gives a detailed specification of the steps implementing the ICS process within and SME, together with details of the methodology involved and the supporting tools available in the ICS Toolbox.


ICS procedural model

The InCaS methodology is a practical guide to making
a comprehensive and trustworthy report and is based on the individual experiences of 25 European organisations. This InCaS management tool has been elaborated with the strong support of the European Commission over the last three years and is now ready to support companies throughout the EU.

InCaS has a proven record of enabling businesses to realize internal as well as external benefits. Internally the organisations manage their intangibles to realize their innovation potential and become more efficient and competitive.

In external communications, an ICS is of great support when planning to improve access to finance and investment
and communicating the business model to partners.

Although the InCaS methodology is already a comprehensive instrument, the InCaS Consortium aims to adapt the instrument continuously to the needs of the market and to provide SMEs with access to its current products and services in this respect through this website.