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The International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) Working Group 8.3

International Conference on Creativity and Innovation in Decision Making and Decision Support (CIDMDS 2006)

An IFIP TC8/WG 8.3 Open Conference hosted by the London School of Economics and Political Science

June 28th July 1st 2006

The 21st century and the new pressures it has brought have placed greater emphasis on creative, radical thinking and the need for innovation in all areas. In previous conferences within the working group 8.3 of the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP), researchers were invited to consider the place and the role of their discipline within our contemporary experience.

In Cork, Ireland,participants in the DSIAge 2002 conference considered the new possibilities offered by the internet age. In Prato, Italy, participants to the DSS2004 conference were asked to reflect on the basic values and concepts of the discipline “in the spirit of the humanist scholars of the Renaissance”.

In our London event CIDMDS2006, researchers pushed back the boundaries of the DSS area in its widest sense and focused on the need to find new paths towards innovative and creative developments and usage of Decision Support concepts in organisations. These efforts built on accumulated knowledge in the field, but also concentrated on bringing forth novels ideas and frameworks for Decision Support Systems. This conference provided the foundation for a new agenda for research in the Decision Support area.

The topics of interest for the conference were:

Innovation,creativity and design. Knowledge and know-how creation for DSS
Decision making in adaptive organizations Contexts for innovative decision making
Creative negotiation support New models for DSS development
Embedding knowledge in information systems Facilitating environments for decision making
Decision support and teaching/ learning. New Technologies for creative DSS
Creative support for cooperative decision making. Innovation for sustainability.
Supporting community innovation and creativity Decision Support Systems for innovative and creativedecision making.
Rich language and multimedia for decision support.


The Proceedings of the Conference have been published as a book in two volumes by Decision Support Press, London, UK under the title: Creativity and Innovation in Decision Making and Decision Support. The editors are Frederic Adam, Patrick Brezillon, Sven Carlsson and Patrick Humphreys. The books have the folowing ISBN numbers: Vol 1:ISBN 1-905800-00-2; Vol2: ISBN 978-1-905800-01-0.

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