How can we use partnerships to support positive intercultural relations?
Developing collaborative research opportunities
between practitioners and academics

LSE, 27 February 2013

This event was practitioner-led with talks from speakers from the public and voluntary and community sectors who work in the fields of multiculturalism and intercultural relations. The aim of this event was to give greater voice to practitioners to discuss their specific research needs and to establish ways in which the research community could collaborate in the long term with practitioners in joint projects.

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Speakers included the following:

Alinah Azadeh (Artist)
“Portraits of the unseen: Art, identity and the reflective process. Reflections on - and beyond - the creation of Chasing Mirrors:Portraits of the Unseen (The National Portrait Gallery, 2010). Video

Greg Barlett (Workshop Leader and Circus Fellow, Albert & Friends Instant Circus)
"Reaching out to young people from our diverse communities”

Kevin Coleman (Kick It Out)
"Is football really the beautiful game? Whether football is leading the way or catching up with society"

Atif Imtiaz (Academic Director, Muslim College, Cambridge)
“Developing a toolkit for intercultural interaction”

Hamid Rehman (Director, ETHNOS Research and Consultancy)
“My way or the highway: Challenges in connecting funders, academics and practitioners”

Peter Stradins (Head of Equality and Diversity policy, British Army)
"Adding value through research - Making it really worthwhile"

Emmanuel Tembo (Learning Support Assistant/TA, Chelsea Academy)
"The impact of secular and faith-based secondary schools on multicultural integration"

Segun Olaiya (Playing on Theatre Company)
"Lost in translation between practitioner and academic: why are my words quiet by the time they reach the top?"

Aladin (Strategist)
“Working across boundaries - from City Hall and strategy, to gangs and citizenship"

Deborah McIlveen (Policy and Services Manager, Women's Aid)
“Identifying and meeting the needs of women from diverse communities in a national and local context"


This event follows on from the recent BPS Social Psychology Section event: 'Multiculturalism: failing or not? The evidence from social psychology' and is organised by the BPS Social Psychology Section and the Institute of Social Psychology of the London School of Economics . The organisers are Dr Caroline Howarth (LSE), Dr Eleni Andreouli (LSE) and Natalia Concha (LSE).


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